Public Deliverables

31 January, 2022

D2.1 “Initial assessment of architectures and hardware resources for a RadioWeaves infrastructure”

D2.1 provides an initial assessment of the RadioWeaves infrastructure, developed in WP2 of REINDEER. Taking the description of RadioWeaves in D1.1 and the use cases and KPIs defined therein, as a starting point, a first version of the building blocks of the infrastructure are presented, together with new terminology. Architecture and topology are introduced together with a quantitative and qualitative analysis of high-level requirements on a RadioWeaves infrastructure, setting the scope for more detailed investigations and design.

26 January, 2022

D3.1 “Analytical Performance Metrics and Physical-Layer Solutions”

D3.1 develops a framework for physical-layer performance evaluation of RadioWeaves. Specifically, an effective-SINR abstraction model is developed and shown to be accurate and highly efficient in terms of computational complexity. Furthermore, this document evaluates complexity of existing algorithms in terms of computational load and front-haul signaling for different cell-free topologies considered in the literature. It also proposes efficient algorithms for distributed MIMO processing of RadioWeaves with centralized and decentralized approaches.

11 October, 2021

D1.1 “Use case-driven specifications and technical requirements and initial channel model”

D1.1 provides an inventory of interactive use case specifications, representative deployment scenarios, technical requirements and KPIs for the four focus domains. D1.1 includes the initial channel model based on existing measurements and models. It reports on the particular investigation of the origin of latency in wireless applications.

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