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The REINDEER consortium consists of nine partners from four countries (Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Spain). The consortium is a well-balanced mixture of three industrial organisations, four universities/research organisations and two SMEs. This constellation has enabled to attract leading organisations from the wireless networks sector in Europe as well as owners of real-time operational testbeds. The consortium brings together the necessary expertise to achieve the project objectives.


Technology Lead
Liesbet Van der Perre
KU Leuven

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Project Coordinator
Martina Truskaller

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8 January, 2021

REINDEER – Quick overview

The H2020 project REINDEER started officially on 1st January, 2021. REINDEER will develop a new type of smart connectivity platform creating hyper-diversity. We will design cell-free protocols and distributed intelligent processing establishing robust and scalable real-time and real-space interactive applications....
21 December, 2020

5G PPP phase 3, Part 6 results

5G innovations for verticals with third party services & Smart Connectivity beyond 5G: 9 Projects have been retained from the 29 proposals received by the EC in response to the 5G-PPP ICT-41-2020 call "5G-PPP 5G innovations for verticals with third...



25 - 26

REINDEER Kick-Off Meeting


Virtual event
Internal project kickoff meeting

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