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Welcome to REINDEER

The REINDEER consortium consists of nine partners from four countries (Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Spain). The consortium is a well-balanced mixture of three industrial organisations, four universities/research organisations and two SMEs. This constellation has enabled to attract leading organisations from the wireless networks sector in Europe as well as owners of real-time operational testbeds. The consortium brings together the necessary expertise to achieve the project objectives.


Technology Lead
Liesbet Van der Perre
KU Leuven
Project Coordinator
Martina Truskaller


13 April, 2021

Today in a talk with Technikon Team

Today in a talk with Martina Truskaller, Herbert Petautschnig, Marion Habernig and Luana Fabrete from Technikon Team - Austria - 5 questions about the team and the REINDEER H2020 project:
16 March, 2021

Today in a talk with Joao Vieira (Ericsson)

Today in a talk with Joao Vieira from Ericsson AB - Sweden - 5 questions about himself and the REINDEER H2020 project:
27 January, 2021



11 - 11

Smart Networks and Services Info Session


The Workshop consists of two sessions. The first one will provide information about the SNS proposal, the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), as produced by NetworldEurope and key candidate areas that could be considered for the first Work Programme. The second session includes a panel discussion with key stakeholders. They will provide their views about challenges and opportunities under the SNS Partnership. The panel aims to serve as an open and interactive forum for discussion with the participants. Liesbet Van der Perre (KU Leuven) - REINDEER's Technology Leader - will participate in this session.


24 - 24

Technikon's financial webinar for H2020 projects


In this webinar, the TECHNIKON/Austria, gave an introduction to financial rules of the Horizon 2020 programme. This webinar provides guidance for the day-to-day bookkeeping as well as the periodic and financial reports of our H2020 projects REINDEER, REALHOLO, EXFILES and MGOV4EU. TECHNIKON as the coordinator, gave an overview of the following topics: Payment overview , Person Months (PMs) and time records, Interim Management Reporting & Deliverables , Reporting to the Commission and Project costs.


23 - 24

1st IEEE International Online Symposium on Joint Communications & Sensing


Virtual event
Joint Communications and Sensing (JC&S) is the subject of rapidly growing interest in the research community. This symposium will focus on the different system and implementation aspects of this promising new approach, bringing together academic and industrial experts from both the radar and communications research communities.

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