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The REINDEER consortium consists of nine partners from four countries (Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Spain). The consortium is a well-balanced mixture of three industrial organisations, four universities/research organisations and two SMEs. This constellation has enabled to attract leading organisations from the wireless networks sector in Europe as well as owners of real-time operational testbeds. The consortium brings together the necessary expertise to achieve the project objectives.


Technology Lead
Liesbet Van der Perre
KU Leuven
Project Coordinator
Martina Truskaller

Project Video


11 January, 2023

6G Urging new networking concepts and terminology – Wireless Future Blog

The REINDEER consortium discussed why 6G applications and sustainability targets require, on the infrastructure side, a compute-connectivity platform, consisting of interconnected distributed resources.  They introduce a new essential terminology enable a clear discussion in developing novel technologies illustrated in the...
3 January, 2023

IEEE Globecom 2022: Contribution to Signal Processing for Communications

Ke Wang Helmersson (EAB) presented joint research results from the REINDEER project at the IEEE Global Communications Conference 2022 4-8 December, 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The paper “Uplink D-MIMO Processing and Combining Using Kalman Filter” by Ke Wang...



28 - 01

2nd Workshop "Synergies between communication, sensing, and localization" at IEEE ICC 2023


Rome, Italy

Call for Papers – please follow the link.

This workshop will be an opportunity to meet members of the REINDEER team and discuss current project results.


04 - 08

Globecom 2022


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Online

The them of this year’s IEEE Global Communications Conference 2022 is “Accelerating the Digital Transformation through Smart Communications”.

October - November

30 - 03

Asilomar 2022



The Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers 2022 is an opportunity to discuss further progress on the REINDEER project with LIU and TU Graz presenting part of their most recent research developments.

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