Today in a talk with Joao Vieira (Ericsson)

16 March, 2021

Today in a talk with Joao Vieira from Ericsson AB – Sweden – 5 questions about himself and the REINDEER H2020 project:

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.

I’m a Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research in Lund, Sweden. In recent years, I worked on different 6G candidate technologies including distributed massive MIMO, TeraHertz and AI.

What is your title and/or role in the project?

I am the main contact person from Ericsson’s side, and also coordinate the activities of the Ericsson team.

What are your contributions to the project?

Ericsson will contribute to WP1 which will look at the main use cases and technical requirements and will lay the foundation for the technical work carried out at the other WPs. We also contribute to WP2 and WP3 where architectural solutions, as well as signalling protocols and algorithms, will be researched.

As leader of WP6, Ericsson will ensure that the R&D results of the project are properly exploited in order to create value for the project’s stakeholders. We will also promote the REINDEER technological vision in 6G-related pre-standardization fora.

What challenges can you foresee in the project?

I think it is hard to expect that, within the project’s life-time, one can observe the full-cycle of research being developed all the way to significantly impact standards, markets and businesses. This is especially true for REINDEER, considering its visionary scope.

How do you think the project outcome could affect our daily life?

REINDEER studies a novel connectivity platform, with the potential of making large enhancements in terms of coverage, throughtput, latency, reliability, positioning accurary, etc.

We may expect the developments to impact sectors as healthcare, new-generation gaming, etc.