Solutions for tomorrow’s high speed wireless

20 January, 2021

The REINDEER project will develop technology to ensure that fast wireless access is where we need it, when we need it.

VILLACH, AUSTRIA—It is clear that the future of communications pivots on the concept of connected devices. Many future applications will rely heavily on wireless connectivity to offer interaction in real time and real space with imperceptible latency and unnoticeable dislocation between virtual and real elements. This means wireless must be everywhere. Fortunately, REINDEER is here to help address the tough issues in making this happen.

The REINDEER project kicked off in January 2021. This EU funded H2020 project is designed to usher in a new wireless access infrastructure,
employing RadioWeaves to do so. RadioWeaves consist of a fabric of distributed radio, computing, and storage resources which function as a massive, distributed antenna array. These fabrics can be embedded in building walls or other large objects in the home, work or entertainment environments. REINDEER will develop protocols and algorithms to establish novel resilient interactive applications that require real time and real space cooperation. A prime example of such an application is the remote medical expert wearing light-weight augmented reality glasses which can monitor patient health data and control medical equipment from anywhere in the world.

The REINDEER consortium consists of nine partners from four European countries. It is a well-balanced mix of three industrial organisations, four universities/research organisations and two SMEs. This constellation has attracted leading organisations fromthe wireless network sector in Europe as well as owners of real-time operational testbeds. The consortium brings together the necessary expertise to achieve the project objectives while making a sizable contribution to the evolving technological landscape in Europe.

The full announcement letter can be downloaded here.