Presentation “RadioWeaves For Communication, Positioning, And WPT: How To Share Resources?” at Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (ASILOMAR 2022)

29 November, 2022

6G networks will need to sustain the constantly increasing demand for mobile data, the exponential growth of devices, and support new use cases. This results in the diversification of communication requirements, from sporadic low-payload transmissions to imperceivably latency and ultra-high reliable data transfer. In addition, new functionalities such as positioning and wireless power transfer will need to be built into the core of the system.

RadioWeaves technology presents a hyperdimensional connectivity platform established as a fabric of distributed radio devices and computing resources. It is in principle very well suited to provide the envisioned requirements and functionalities, however, the main challenge exists in the actual efficient operation of this network. This paper focuses on the question: How to share resources among the different services run on the shared RadioWeaves platform? We propose an approach based on the orchestration of dynamic federations of resources in the infrastructure, tailored to specific service requirements. A pragmatic approach to resource sharing is explored to overcome the complexity of optimal resource allocation for a wide variety of use cases.

Link: RadioWeaves for Communication, Positioning, and WPT: How to Share Resources? IEEE Asilomar 2022 – YouTube

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