ICASSP 2023 Workshop on Signal Processing for Synthetic Apertures

25 May, 2023

Take a closer look at the latest open access publication from TU Graz in this informative blog post. The paper titled “Bistatic MIMO Radar Sensing of Specularly Reflecting Surfaces for Wireless Power Transfer” delves into a novel methods to apply radar imaging scheme and its application in wireless power transfer. The team has even prepared a video demonstrating the radar imaging scheme. To promote further research, the measurement dataset and code are accessible for open access.

The paper explores a bistatic MIMO radar imaging scheme to infer a geometric environment model from synthetic aperture measurements. The team have created a video of the radar imaging scheme. The model is then used to perform geometry-based beamforming for wireless power transfer (WPT). The measurement dataset and code are also available for open access in [3] and [4].

The paper will be presented at the ICASSP 2023 Workshop on Signal Processing for Synthetic Apertures on the 10th June 2023, which features tracks on Radar, Sonar, Medical Imaging, Optics, 5G/6G Communications, Quantum Apertures, Radiometry and Remote Sensing.


[1] Open Access Paper arXiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2305.05002

[2] More information on ICASSP2023 workshop: https://sagroups.ieee.org/sps-sasc/icassp-2023-workshop/

[3] Dataset: https://ieee-dataport.org/documents/bistatic-mimo-radar-sensing-specularly-reflecting-surfaces-wireless-power-transfer

[4] Code: https://gitlab.com/baenshy/bistatic-mimo-radar-sensing