7th European 5G Annual Journal

6 June, 2023

The 6GStart project has released the 7th and final issue of the European 5G Annual Journal.

As they approach the conclusion of the 5G PPP Programme in 2023 and 2024, it’s a perfect time to reflect on its remarkable achievements. An impressive €713 million has been dedicated to research, innovation, and delivering solutions for a ubiquitous 5G communication infrastructure in Europe. This includes 93 funded projects, 1,845 participants, and 789 unique beneficiaries, involving nearly 85,000 persons/month. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in advancing the development of 5G technologies and standards.

REINDEER H2020 is proud to have been part of this collaboration.

Download the Journal for more information on the progress made in the field of 5G : Download 5G PPP 2023 pdf file

The main contribution of the REINDEER team can be found on page 103:

Resilient interactive applications through hyper diversity in energy efficient RadioWeaves
The next generation of multi-antenna connectivity.