6G Urging new networking concepts and terminology – Wireless Future Blog

11 January, 2023

The REINDEER consortium discussed why 6G applications and sustainability targets require, on the infrastructure side, a compute-connectivity platform, consisting of interconnected distributed resources.  They introduce a new essential terminology enable a clear discussion in developing novel technologies illustrated in the figure above.

The work was completed based on many discussions within the wider REINDEER team enabling a strengthen definition of the new terminology and realisation of the test beds.

The “Wireless Futures blog” provides a summary of the discussion as a blog post.

More detailed information regarding the concept and terminology can be found in the following two publications:

G. Callebaut, W. Tärneberg, L. Van der Perre, and E. Fitzgerald, “Dynamic federations for 6G cell-free networking: Concepts and terminology,” in 2022 IEEE 23rd International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communication (SPAWC), 2022, pp. 1–5. doi: 10.1109/SPAWC51304.2022.9833918 [9] available as a pdf file for download.

G.Callebaut, E.Fitzgerald, L.Liu, L.De Strycker, F.Tufvesson, L. Van der Perre, “RadioWeaves For Communication, Positioning, And WPT: How To Share Resources?” in IEEE Asilomar 2022 as the below YouTube Video: