2022 IEEE SPS – EURASIP summer school on “Defining 6G: Theory, Applications, and Enabling Technologies”

8 September, 2022

The summer school held at Linköping University, co-organised by Erik G. Larsson (LIU), provided a comprehensive roadmap about fundamental theory, emerging applications, and possible enabling technologies for 6G. Application-domain talks with a high-level overview of key elements and practical aspects of 6G systems, and in-depth technical lectures focused on theoretical aspects of emerging research directions from 13 invited speakers providing a platform for engaged discussions with the 119 participants from 20 countries. The REINDEER team’s involvement ranged from organising (LIU), providing a keynote and sponsorship (EAP) as well as passing the latest technical knowledge and results around key components of current 6G research trends on through technical lectures (LIU, KU Leuven, ULUND, TU GRAZ). The summer school also offered a platform for poster presentations for the participants.

Further information on topics, speakers and poster presentations can be found via this Link.